The unit costs for products from China are significantly lower than the European average. This also applies to capital goods, making manufacturing of machine parts and components in China much cheaper than in Europe. Final assembly can be done in Europe to ensure high quality.

Anlagenbau, Maschinenbau

Despite the cost of transport between China and Europe, external manufacturing saves significant costs. These savings can be invested into the further company growth, leading to job creation in Europe.

But how can European companies benefit from this cost advantage? Without a network of competent local partners to oversee facilities, deadlines, production and quality-control, these potential savings are unattainable.

International Plant Equipment offers European companies significant savings potential and the chance to strengthen their competitive positions.

Business Development

To see savings through manufacturing in China, companies must be able to overcome basic hurdles; for example, a vast number of potential suppliers, the language barrier and uncertainty about the Chinese legal system ...

Order Processing

To ensure that the quality of goods produced in China are in line with the expectations of European contracting partners, experienced local specialists are necessary to monitor quality standards ...

Production Control and Quality Management

Overseas projects require local oversight; International Plant Equipment’s China-based Senior Inspectors are available at short notice, to find solutions and answers to any acute issues that may arise ...

Advanced Services

From engineering to the import of manufactured goods to the EU or transit to the third country, International Plant Equipment sees our client’s dreams through from start to finish, taking total responsibility for the implementation of manufacturing projects ...

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